Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 fact about me

Hello everyone? This is my six entry. In this entry I want to tell you about 10 fact about me. I only tell 10 fact about me in this entry if you want to know me more, you can just see me.

(1) I like to play video game
Playing video game is my hobby. Went I feel boring, I will playing video game. My favorate game is "Call of Duty". This is a war game. It is so hard to finish this game.

(2) Family first
I will make my family first than my friend. If my friend and my family invite me to go anywhere at the same time, I will follow my family. This is because for me family is more important than friend.

(3) I listening to all music
All music I listen except very slow music because this music will make me want to sleep. My favorate music is underground music such as Butterfingers, Nirvana, Metallica, Yngwie Malmsteen and other. I also like to listen oldies music such as Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Bee Gees. This is all my brother and my father influnce me to listen that music.

(4) I love to eat all "Halal" food in Malaysia
I eat all "Halal" food and not too choosy about food. My favorate food is my mom and my grandmother hand cooking. My grandmother "Asam Pedas" is the best and my mother "kari masak telur" is the best.

(5) I like to help people in trouble
I really like to help people in trouble. I will help them as long I can afford it.

(6) I like outdoor sport
I like outdoor sport because it makes my body healthy. I like outdoors sport such as jogging, football and badminton.

(7) I dislike to do useless thing
I really don’t like to do useless thing such as loitering because it waste my time.

(8) I like to nurture pet
I am really like pet. I have many pet in my hause such as fish, cat and squirrel.

(9) I like to give people some advice
I like to give some advice to people if they want some advice from me.

(10) I am a good listener
I am a good listener, if people want to talk something I am a good listener.

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