Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 fact about me

Hello everyone? This is my six entry. In this entry I want to tell you about 10 fact about me. I only tell 10 fact about me in this entry if you want to know me more, you can just see me.

(1) I like to play video game
Playing video game is my hobby. Went I feel boring, I will playing video game. My favorate game is "Call of Duty". This is a war game. It is so hard to finish this game.

(2) Family first
I will make my family first than my friend. If my friend and my family invite me to go anywhere at the same time, I will follow my family. This is because for me family is more important than friend.

(3) I listening to all music
All music I listen except very slow music because this music will make me want to sleep. My favorate music is underground music such as Butterfingers, Nirvana, Metallica, Yngwie Malmsteen and other. I also like to listen oldies music such as Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Bee Gees. This is all my brother and my father influnce me to listen that music.

(4) I love to eat all "Halal" food in Malaysia
I eat all "Halal" food and not too choosy about food. My favorate food is my mom and my grandmother hand cooking. My grandmother "Asam Pedas" is the best and my mother "kari masak telur" is the best.

(5) I like to help people in trouble
I really like to help people in trouble. I will help them as long I can afford it.

(6) I like outdoor sport
I like outdoor sport because it makes my body healthy. I like outdoors sport such as jogging, football and badminton.

(7) I dislike to do useless thing
I really don’t like to do useless thing such as loitering because it waste my time.

(8) I like to nurture pet
I am really like pet. I have many pet in my hause such as fish, cat and squirrel.

(9) I like to give people some advice
I like to give some advice to people if they want some advice from me.

(10) I am a good listener
I am a good listener, if people want to talk something I am a good listener.

Friday, August 7, 2009

All about my d3d1 friend

The next entry is about my classmate. My class have 16 student. There are 6 boy and 10 girl in my class. My class has less student compared to other class. Let me introduce you to my classmate.

(1) It is me.

(2) Mohd Zulfadli bin Sabli. He live at Ampang, Selangor. He was born on 7th August 1990 at Bangkok, Thailand. He hobby is playing Futsal and watching movies. He is the third child from five sibling.

(3) Syed Mohamad Hariz Bin Syed Abd Rahim. He was born at Pusat Rawatan Islam (PUSRAWI), Kuala Lumpur. He live at Taman Permai Jaya, Ampang.

(4) Muhamad Sabirin Bin Ahmad. He was born on 11 October 1990 at Hospital Daerah Sungai Petani. Sabirin is like to accept any challenges from anyone as long as it is possible.

(5) Muhammad Adib bin Ibrahim. He was born on 27th January 1990 at Hospital Tanjong Malim, Perak. He lived in Tanjong Malim from the year 1990 until 2000. From the year 2000 until now, he lived in Selayang Bharu. His hobbies is playing football, sepak takaw and computer games.

(6) Muhammad Akmal Hakim bin Akram. He live in Johor Bahru. He was born in 24th of January 1990 at Hospital Sultanah Aminah in Johor Bahru. He like to eat fast food meals such as KFS, McDonal and Pizza Hut.

(1) Nurul Izzaty Binti Zainal Abidin. She was born on 22nd July 1990. She have five siblings. Her hobby is playing badminton, chatting and reading.

(2) Norhaslinasari Binti Mohd Nor. She was born is on 14th August 1990 at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. Her hobby is playing hockey and paint ball.

(3) Nur Sakinah Bt Noordin. She was born was born on 25 November 2009. She live in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor. Her hobby is reading science fiction book.

(4) Liyana Atiqah Binti Zulkiflee. She was born on 9 November 1990. Her hobby is playing badminton, watching television, searching Internet and hanging out with her friends.

(5) Noorhidayu Ramli. She was born on 30 June 1990 at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru. Her zodiac is cancer.

(6) Nor Izati Bt Mohammed Zailani. She was born on 3rd July 1990 at Hospital Besar Tengku Ampuan Rahimah. Her hobby is window shopping.

(7) Fatimah Binti Roseli. She was born on 10 March 1990 at Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Johor Bahru. Her hobbies are reading novels, listening to music and playing computer games.

(8) Fara Wahida Binti Camallil. She from Johor Bahru. Her hobby is listening music.

(9) Siti Amirah bt Saharudin. She was born at Hospital Besar Seremban. She have 5 sibling.

(10) Nuratiqah binti Suhaimi. She was born on 18 October 1990 in Klang, Selangor. Her hobby is listening to music, reading novels, chatting with my friends.

That all about my entry about my classmate. Thank you for spending time reading my blog.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Subjects for this semester

This is my fourth essay. In this essay I would like to write about subject that I study in this semester. This semester I am study 7 subject, that is Macroeconomic, Statistic, English For Academic Purposes, Fundamental of Finance, Fundamental of Islamic Economics, Fire Brigade, and Arabic Language.

My Macroeconomic lecturer name is Puan Zarina. This subject is about how government use limited resources to fulfill unlimited want. This subject is very difficult because this subject need many calculation skill to solve the problem. Next subject is Statistic, my statistic lecturer name is Assoc. Prof Ruhana Zainuddin. This subject is about how to analyze and interpret data. After analyze and interpret data we will make conclusion about the data.

My third subject is English for Academic Purpose. My lecturer name is Sir Izuan Ismail. In this subject I learn how to make an essay without any grammatical error and learn how to make an article. This subject also can improve my english. My fourth subject is Fundamental of Finance. My lecturer name is Mrs Wan Asma Hanim Wan Mustapha. This subject is the combination accounting and mathematics. This subject is very difficult among the other subject. This is because this subject have 4 credit hour. I must get at least B for this subject if not I have to repeat this subject in degree.

My fifth subject is Fundamental of Islamic Economics. My lecturer name for this subject is Ustaz Kamarulzaman Sulaiman. This subject is about how to use and manage the economics resources according Islamic perspective. My sixth subject is Fire Brigade. In this subject I learn about how be firefighter. My last subject is Arabic Language. In this subject I learn about how to speak and write in Arabic.

That all about my subject for this semester essay. Thank you for read my essay.